Sexual therapists have observed that women have been losing an interest in sex which is posing to be a serious problem across the world. There are two broad categories which can be attributed to this lack in the desire for sex namely sociological and biological factors.

Biological factors: Certain changes like hormonal imbalances, pregnancy, physical changes and other health conditions are also certain factors which lead to a fall in prolcatin. This fall results in reduced libido.

Sociological factors: This usually takes place when the relationship is not open and the partners do not trust each other. This leads to a fall in sexual desire and response. In this case the women get averse to showing her emotions, let alone indulge in love making. Suppressing emotions leads to situation of depression and anxiety. This results in a fall of the sexual drive, which in turn leads to reduction in libido.

However, there are solutions which are present since it is extremely important for a couple to increase love making since it is the basic need for a strong relationship. Thus female libido enhancement can be taken by the following methods:

• Foreplay: This is the easiest and first stage of how one should try to enhance female libido. One needs to give immense time in this stage as it helps making sex a very pleasurable activity. Moreover, it proves as a very important step for female libido enhancement.

• External products: There are lubricants available in the market which helps a female get rid of her vaginal dryness and thus increase stimulation of the same. Moreover, there are creams which are available freely as well which needs to be applied to the vaginal area. This increase stimulation and arouses a female very effectively. One can also use some pills and hormone patches which increase blood flow and alleviate stimulation. all these products are useful for female libido enhancement.

• Natural female libido enhancers: There are certain pills which are available in tablet form which have proved beneficial in female libido enhancement.

• Therapies and consultation: In the event of sociological and medical factors suppressing a woman, it is essential to undergo treatments to get rid of the problems. The issues need to be resolved immediately.

It is extremely important that a woman’s sexual drive and response is very effective for one’s sex life to be wonderful. Female libido as we discussed could be suppressed due to biological and sociological factors, but needs to be enhanced for a good and healthy life.

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